12 How far will you go for gratis kink?
1, how often over do personlige you want sex?They know how to do it in a ønsker way that pleases.Three or four times a week 2, how often do you masturbate in a month?I'm totally into my partner kvinde anytime!He/she is not good at giving oral sex 7, what department does your partner lytter do best in?I trust my partner completely!I'm attracted to his/her mind, but not their body.I don't masturbate unless I'm single 3, how attracted are you to your partner?Yes, it enhances my orgasm when my partner touches me there during intercourse or oral sex I don't really care one way or the other hvad I have never experienced or given anal over play No way!9 How long would you be OK going without sex with your partner?Not totally sure what you like in bed?OK, but I've seen kvinder better, not very appealing to me 6, which department is your partner lacking in?It dato doesn't matter to me 4, when your partner gives you oral sex, you think: "This is fantastic!" "This isn't turning test me on - he/she isn't very good at this" "This is OK, but it could be better".Giving me oral sex Intercourse - they really know how to do it!None, really - I've had better 8, do you like the idea of anal sex/play? I wish we did hvad more and experimented more, dato but our sex is OK Never Often Comment function without the Quiz / FF / list Rate this quiz!
Intercourse Oral sex A little hand action I have to have it all!

A good body isn't everything *Drools* I dato love it - test it makes my mouth water when we have sex.18 Which of these is the better test foreplay?10 Which of these do you like most?I mennesker dato love every moment I mænd spend making love to fuck my partner 15 If your partner were gone for a week, you would: Be glad test to test have the time alone Miss them, and fantasize about what I would do to innsbruck them lokale when they returned Miss them.It's more common than you might think.Sounds are erotic to me I like my partner to dominate me!He/she is not open to experimentation.Yes - he/she is The One Yes, for some things No, but I enjoy his/her companionship Not really - he/she drags me down 17 How carolina long does it take you to get really turned on by your partner?It isn't important to me It's all right, but I'm really missing having desire for my partner It's a chore.I'd rather have sex less - it's getting boring It rocks!I usually have to be the one to turn them on I am never really turned on by my partner It takes a while - my partner doesn't turn me on easily. I could go a while.
14 Overall, how sider is your sex life?
Every day, all the time!