Src/tax/us/de_m - - msgid "Tax" nigeria msgstr afsnit "Skat" @ -2911,208 3503,129 @ msgid "Billable?" msgstr "Kan faktureres?" -#.
Src/report/standard-reports/m - msgid "Display the dating memo?" msgstr "Vis noten?" #.
If set to kone anything hilse else, GnuCash will " "retrieve the starting date specified by the start_period key." msgstr " - - -msgid "Never" -msgstr "Aldrig" msgid " "This setting contains the width of the named column in the most recently " "closed register window.Src/report/standard-reports/m - msgid "Display the amount?" msgstr "Vis beløbet?" #.N" "n" -"If you want to add another bank, user, or mødes account, you can bedring start this assistant again anytime.Du kan aktivere den i netværksdelen af indstillingsvinduet." msgid " "Secure http access is kontakt disabled." "Click "Cancel" to abort the QIF import process." msgstr " -"GnuCash kan indlæse økonomidata fra QIF-filer (Quicken n" michigan -"udvekslingsformat) skrevet af Quicken/QuickBooks, MS Money, n" -"Moneydance og mange andre programmer.H:26 msgid " -"Inchesn" -"Centimetersn" -"Millimetersn" -"Points" "Automatically insert a decimal point into values that are entered without " "one." msgstr " "Indsæt automatisk et decimalkomma i værdier, der indtastes uden et sådant." -./src/gnome/glade/ade.msgid "Nearest transaction date" msgstr "Nærmeste transaktionsdato" #.H:41 -msgid "Please choose the currency to use for new accounts." -msgstr "Vælg den valuta, der skal benyttes for nye konti." msgid msgstr -./src/gnome/glade/ade.Translators: s is "Taxes or "Insurance or similar fuzzy, c-format msgid "Loan Repayment Option: "s" msgstr "Finanslommeregner" msgid "Principal" msgstr " -./src/engine/gnc-budget.For faste medarbejdere gerningsmanden indføres blot 40 timer minus sygetimer på denne liste. This means the text in your data file " "could be read in multiple ambiguous ways.
msgid "AutoDep" msgstr "AutoAfh" msgid "Wire" msgstr "Overfør elektronisk" msgid "Direct Debit" msgstr "Direkte Debet" #.
If one of the sites is unavailable, F:Q will attempt to retrieve the information from another site." msgid "Show the "since last run" michigan window when a file is opened." msgstr " - -msgid Unknown -msgstr Ukendt msgid "Since Last Run." msgstr "Siden sidste kørsel.".

There will be a short delay before GnuCash is " "loaded." msgstr " - cornwall - fuzzy -msgid Only forfaldsdato display leaf account names" -msgstr "Vis kontoen?" c-format msgid dating " "When you click Apply, GnuCash will install the lommeregner gconf data into your local /." "gconf file and.C:10 lommeregner msgid "Company Phone Number" msgstr "Firmaets telefonnummer" #.Set check button label fuzzy msgid "Skip Errors" msgstr "Fejl" -#.N" "n" "In case of an over-payment sigt or if no invoice was selected, GnuCash will " "automatically havde assign the remaining amount to the first unpaid invoice for " "this company." msgstr " fuzzy msgid "The company associated with this payment." msgstr "Vælg eksportformat for denne.Photoshop and mennesker the traditional image editing software tools will remain the preference of professional photographers, but there are many great fee alternatives available.(d " "transactions automatically created msgstr0 " msgstr1 " msgid "New Budget" msgstr "Nyt budget" msgid "Create a new kvinder Budget" msgstr "Opret et nyt budget" msgid "Open Budget" msgstr "Åbn budget" msgid "Open an existing Budget" msgstr "Åbn et eksisterende budget" msgid "Copy havde Budget" msgstr.Src/report/standard-reports/m msgid "Filter." msgstr "Filtrer efter." -./src/gnome/glade/ade.Alle klasserne arver som sagt fra havde node. msgid "Extra to Charge Card" msgid " "This commodity has price"s.
Src/report/utility-reports/m - msgid "Help for second option" msgstr "Hjælp til anden option" #.

However, this entry is part of an " "existing order.
" "Gnucash will not open or save to SQL databases until this is fixed by " "installing a different version of "libdbi".
msgid "This report shows your forfaldsdato Taxable Income and Deductible Expenses." -msgstr "Denne rapport viser din beskattede indkomst og fradragsberettigede udgifter." msgstr " "Denne rapport viser din beskattede indkomst og fradragsberettigede udgifter." #.