Chamber of kathmandu Commerce and gratis Industry of Russian Federation, Chairman of the Committee on entrepreneurship gerningsmanden in housing and utility.00-15.30 round registreringsdatabasen table, oF russian AND european experts gratis AND companies perspectives OF mænd business gratis development OF postnummer solid waste processing IN russia.30-16.30 continuation OF viewing, oF exhibition stands.
Head of Federal service on supervision in sphere of nature recourses.Invited Russian speakers:.President of National websites udkig Association of operators of waste treatment, postnummer production and consumption".OF THE exhibition, survey OF stands BY VIP- guests. Recycling OF solid waste profitable registrerede business: european, russian, innovation, technology, AND equipment, joint projects, proposals AND variants OF cooperation.00-16.30 round table "bioenergy IN THE cities, small settlements».

Hall 1, waste management, recycling, mannheim waste incineration.00-13.30 plenary session "prospects OF voksne development OF THE waste management AND recycling OF solid waste IN russia, changes AND additions IN laws OF THE russian federation".Russia, moscow, ecocentre sokolniki, pavilion 4 kvinder 28 kvinder -, european-Russian business farmer Association erba" samme and international exhibition company "ITE" invite You to take part in the business program of the 11th international exhibition of water treatment, dating processing and disposal of waste 20-30 October in "Sokolniki" in Moscow.Persective industry updates IN legislation, trends IN THE implementation OF NEW technologies, THE reports OF THE russian AND evropeiskih experts AND business.00-14.30 business conference "european trends, experience AND projects OF water treatment AND water saving".Russia, moscow, ecocentre sokolniki, pavilion 4 28 -, business program OF 11TH international exhibition OF equipment lake AND technologies FOR kvinder water treatment AND waste management.Chairman of housing and utility Committee of Russian State Duma.IN honor OF opening THE exhibition.THE newest technologies AND equipment FOR water purification, rehabilitation OF water objects, water saving technologies.00-16.30 mannheim business seminar "treatment OF wastewater FOR city water supplying companies AND industrial enterprises innovative european AND russian technologies IN THE field OF wastewater treatment examples OF implemented projects, ways.Deputy Minister of natural resources of Russian Federation. Processing AND USE OF renewable biological kvinder waste - world AND russian experience, technologies AND projects, concept OF autonomous energy supply OF towns AND settlements.

Hall 2, water wastewater treatment, water conservation.00-12.30 round table "actual questions OF water supply AND water disposal IN cities".
Second DAY, hALL 1, waste management, recycling, waste incineration.00-12.30 business conference "urban waste management" european AND russian technologies, equipment, experience kvinder AND projects IN russia, funding opportunities.00-14.30 business conference "recycling OF solid household waste".
Preliminary program, first DAY.00-12.00 opening ceremony.